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Team and Experience
Team and Experience
Our team is composed of young, creative and ambitious people who are extremely motivated and goal-oriented. Most employees originate from the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), the best technical university in Poland. These are engineers, graduates, PhD students of the computational engineering sciences, but also cooperating members of the academic staff of the WUT. We have got foreign contacts (e.g. at the RWTH Aachen University) and experience in cooperation on international projects. We are strong because of the skills and knowledge of our staff and because of the experience they have made in the following institutions:

- Warsaw University of Technology,

- RWTH Aachen University,

- Engineering Design Center of General Electric,

- Aviation Institute.

Projects and experience of our team

Simulation of a hypersonic flow
Hyperschallströmung The aim of that project was to implement into the flow solver a model of chemical reactions between the hydrogen and the air components (oxygen and nitrogen) in a hypersonic flow. The model is in current use for the Scramjet simulations at the RWTH Aachen university.

Rotating detonation wave engine
Detonation In that project the members of our staff perform simulations of chemically-reacting flows in a rotating detonation wave engine (RDWE). The project is held at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw.
  Simulation of biomass gasification
Gasifizierung simulation There has also been developed a software for simulation of biomass gasification. The flow through the porous medium is simulated with chemical reactions, the heat transfer and other physical phenomena.

Software for wind turbines simulation
Windturbinen A Blade Element Method (BEM) code has been recently developed to enable simulations of the horizontal axis wind turbines.

Vehicles aerodynamics
Automobilaerodynamik We have got experience in both the numerical and experimental vehicles aerodynamics. This investigation (both experimental and numerical) showed, how the form of the vehicle should be modified to decrease both the aerodynamic drag and lift.

Heat pipes
Wärmerohr A further example of the applications of CFD codes which are used by our team is the simulation of the flow and heat transfer in heat pipes.
  The project of transmission gear for an unmanned aircraft
Unbemanntes Luftfahrzeug This picture shows a project of a gearbox driving the control surfaces of an unmanned aircraft. The gearbox is resistant to extremely low temperatures of -60 degrees Celsius.

Analysis of the fuselage of a passenger aircraft
Flugzeugrumpf Analyse This project concerns the structural analysis of the fuselage of a passenger aircraft. The aim was to investigate the stresses, deformations and to decrease the weight. The material used is a carbon-fiber-reinforced-polymer.

Heat transfer solver
Wärmerohr A finite volume code has been developed by the members of our staff to be able to solve problems concerning the heat transfer in solids. The solver enables to perform steady-state and transient computations in complex geometries.
  Spectral element flow solver
Unbemanntes Luftfahrzeug For the incompressible flows we have developed a programm which is based on the spectral element method. The method provides excellent convergence and very high order. Furthermore, the numerical splitting-scheme which has been applied is unconditionally stable.
See the movie.

Compressible flows - REFLOPS solver
Flugzeugrumpf Analyse For the compressible flows at high Mach numbers like in an aircraft engine, there has been developed a finite volume code. The program has got such capabilities as modelling of chemical reactions, self-adaptive grids, CUDA-parallelisation, different thermodynamic models or LES simulations.